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The Master Sandblaster Pty Ltd proudly provides expert abrasive cleaning and sandblasting techniques across Sydney. We have the power to clean and protect surfaces that you never thought possible!

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Decorative concrete

Sandblasting on a rock wall in Sydney

Sandblasting can be used to create an effective decorative finish on concrete. Light abrasive blasting will achieve a non slip surface, with little aggregate showing and heavier blasting will expose more aggregate. Different textured finishes can be used to create patterned designs or images. Coloured stones and oxides can also be used to enhance creative and architectural designs.

Clean and prepare

Clean wooden beams

Abrasive blast cleaning is a very powerful form of heavy duty cleaning. It can be used to effectively remove rust and paint from metal surfaces bringing them back to a clean finish, ready to be re-painted. It's excellent for cleaning industrial machinery, pipes, vehicles, bricks, render, swimming pools, driveways, wooden surfaces and even dust control.

Protective coating

A sandblasted semi trailer

To ensure your newly abrasive blasted surface maintains its superb finish for as long as possible, The Master Sandblaster Pty Ltd also provides protective coating. A top quality protective coating means a more durable surface; therefore, less ware and tare and less money on repairs in the long run! Contact your local sandblasting experts in Sydney today!

Wet and Dry Blasting

Wet Blasting
Wet blasting introduces water at the blast nozzle to reduce dust levels. Ideal for brickwork and render on houses, and line marking removal. 
Dry Blasting
Ideal for most steel surfaces. Blasting will remove rust and paint to a clean metal surface ready for re-painting. Ideal for trucks, semi-trailers, earthmoving equipment, hardwood timber (old warehouse beams), crack test blasting etc.

Trucks and Trailers

Quickblast can blast back your truck or trailer giving it a smooth finish and allowing the primer to bite better and the paint to have better adherence and stickiness. 

Professional sandblasting for you home or commercial swimming pool will bring back a clean and fresh surface.
Using our powerful wet sandblasting technology we can remove that unwanted, dated and faded concrete surface and leave you with a spectacular smooth finish.
Doing a pool renovation? We can remove that old paint work, prepare the surface for a repaint and give the marble sheen a profile. We can prepare for tilling, pebbling or fibreglass liners. 
Sandblasting is commonly used in the restoration of an old or damaged swimming pool, contact us today for all you Sydney sandblasting needs.

How to restore a faded swimming pool?

Restoring a faded swimming pool requires the right equipment and should only be done by someone with experience. Our pool blasting specialist will remove the old faded layer and expose a fresh surface so that it is ready to take a fresh coating.
Contact Quickblast if you would like more information on restoring your swimming pool